All Organic Store was created by Carrie McLean who’s passion is to help others and create a healthy, toxic free life!

About All Organic Store

As the name of the business “All Organic Store” indicates, our initial focus was on Organic products only. However, since then we have grown to include more products that are not organic, however are toxic and cruelty free.

Our range of products include:-

Organic | Gluten Free | Toxic Free | Cruelty Free | Eco Friendly | Vegan Friendly | Paraben Free

All Organic Store is still relatively new and as such, we prefer not to spend too much money in advertising as we’d rather make donations from our profits. Word of mouth is the best advertiser, so if you like who we are, what we do and our products we encourage you to tell your family and friends.

10% of our net profits are donated every month to The Hope Foundation.  The Hope Foundation is a national charity, that comes alongside women wanting life change from addictions and/or the sex industry.  Our hope is for a brighter and positive future for these women.

About Carrie McLean

Carrie McLean | Director - All Organic Store

As the Director of All Organic Store, my desire is to help and encourage people to be the best they can through healthy, toxic free products and foods available through the online store. It’s also important to look after your mental health and belief system. You have value and you are important!

Aside from helping others, I have my own personal health and mental heath journey which led to starting this business.

I have suffered from Chemical Sensitivies, Fibromyalgia, Candida, Depression and Anxiety. My journey has been long and sometimes very painful.  I am still on the journey, but I’m no quitter!

Throughout the years I have found a few products that have helped me but had to purchase them for a variety of different stores and companies. I could not find a one stop shop so as All Organic Store grows, I hope this can be your one stop shop.

I believe in personalised service, quality and integrity.