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2DIE4 LIVE FOODS Activated Organic Brazil Nuts 300g

2DIE4 LIVE FOODS Activated Organic Brazil Nuts .. Well, they're not actually only from Brazil... They're from the beautiful forests of South America. Once they're activated though, they're heavenly!...

Health Benefits of Brazil Nuts:

"Brazil nuts are largely a monounsaturated fat, which is a good fat, but they also contain some protein as well as being a good source of important nutrients including magnesium, zinc, calcium, vitamin E and some B vitamins.

Brazil nuts are most renowned, though, for their high selenium content, and are in fact the richest known food source of this important nutrient. Selenium is an essential mineral and antioxidant that is needed daily for a healthy immune system and it helps to prevent damage to our nerves and cells. In fact, just five-six Brazil nuts a day will provide your recommended daily allowance of selenium." ~ BBC Good Food

Product Ingredients: Brazil Nuts, Celtic Salt, Water

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