Flordis believe it’s the science behind growing, harvesting and processing that delivers the true health benefits of natural medicine.

In 2000, Flordis was launched by a couple of entrepreneurs who believe Australians should also enjoy the health benefits of clinically proven natural medicines, many of which are already recommended and used by millions worldwide.

Applying pharmaceutical grade process to natural medicines, Flordis adheres to a strict ‘quality first’ approach to ingredient sourcing and manufacturing processes to help to ensure our products are best-in-class and supported by clinical evidence.

The medicine that is tested in clinical trials is the same medicine that you receive in a Flordis product. This consistency means that you can be more confident that you may enjoy the same health benefits identified in clinical research. This is one of the reasons why Flordis products are recommended to millions worldwide.

By applying this high standard Flordis delivers a specialised portfolio of world class natural healthcare products that are well tolerated and effective.