Hair Care

BASS BRUSHES Bamboo Wood Hair Brush Small Oval

BASS BRUSHES Bamboo Wood Hair Brush Small Oval is made with top quality bristle and craftsman ship which have proven their durability even under the most demanding professional.

Daily brushing with a Bass natural bristle brush will help to improve the condition, giving you healthy looking hair.

Blow drying with a Bass styling brush will allow you to create your favorite hair styles Blow drying with Bass round brush will give added body and fullness to every hair style.

Bass Brushes bamboo hair brushes and combs are made from sustainable bamboo to help us reduce all the plastic that is floating around the planet. They are incredibly strong and even the bristles are bamboo. They can be used wet and dry and are perfect for styling.

  • 100% Bamboo Handle
  • 100% Bamboo Pins
  • Non-melting Bristle
  • Eco Friendly
  • Vegan Approved
  • Wet/Dry
  • Detangler
  • Custom molded pins

For over 25 years BASS Brushes has manufactured the finest quality hair brushes, body/bath brushes, cosmetic brushes and skin care accessories, BASS uses the highest quality natural fibers and professional grade synthetic fibers, to create the most definitive collection of first tier personal care tools.

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