Herbal Wellbeing is the story of three dads with eight children. Parents who are passionate about health & wellbeing and natural family medicine.

Parents that wanted natural herbal medicine solutions based on the principals of traditional western herbal medicine and combined with scientific evidence where applicable.

In 2013 the families combined their experience within natural medicine with consumer insights, research & development to develop the concept and commence the foundation for what Herbal Wellbeing Australia stands for today.

After three years of extensive market analysis and consulting with some of Australia’ s leading naturopathic formulation consultants Herbal Wellbeing Australia was born.

Their passion is to provide a range of quality herbal-based natural products that parents are proud to keep in their medicine cabinet ready to sooth common everyday ailments.

A range designed and formulated according to naturopathic principles that is AUST L listed medicine.

Herbal Wellbeing are 100% Australian made and owned, and use 100% naturally derived active ingredients across their product range.