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NC by Nutrition Care Gut Relief with Honey Chewable 60t

NC by Nutrition Care Gut Relief with Honey Chewable helps support the balance of friendly flora within the digestive system, to help strengthen both immune and gastrointestinal systems for a happy, healthier you.


  • Refreshing chewable tablets for variety and convenience
  • Assists with the relief of mild digestive disorders
  • Helps to soothe mild inflammation in the digestive tract

Suitable for:

  • Indigestion, Bloating, Heartburn, Regurgitation, GORD, Loose stools

Free from: Tree nuts, peanuts, dairy & egg

How to Use

Dosage:  Chew 1-2 tablets three times per day, up to 6 tablets daily, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

Warnings: If symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare practitioner.

Storage: Store below 25°C in a dry place.


NC Gut Relief with Honey Chewables contains: 

Ingredients 3 tablets 6 tablets
Curcumin (from Cumerone) 0.74 mg 1.49 mg
Glutamine 750 mg 1.5 g
Quercetin 210 mg 420 mg
Aloe vera leaf dry                                                   derived from Aloe vera leaf fresh 100.2 mg 200.4 mg

Ulmus rubra

(Slippery elm) inner stem bark powder

50.1 mg 100.2 mg
Guar Gum 9.99 mg 19.98 mg
Pectin 9.99 mg 19.98 mg
Diabasic sodium phosphate 9.99 mg 19.98 mg
Honey (Australian) 37.5 mg 75 mg