REMEDY HERBALS is produced by Australerba Herbal Products & Spagyric Laboratories, a South Australian family owned and operated business involving three generations. Previously known as ‘Australerba Herbal Products’, the current range has gone through a re-branding strategy to modernise, re-invigorate and grow the business. Australerba Herbal Products & Spagyric Laboratories was established in 1979 in Adelaide, South Australia.

The REMEDY HERBALS products were formulated by Prof. Junius and Dr. Kumar after extensive studies and research into the Indian and Western herbal traditions. Dr. Kumar started his studies in Ayurveda in the 1950s as a young boy in the Indian traditional education system known as “Guru-Shishya Parampara” –the Teacher-Disciple tradition. As a matter of fact Dr. Kumar successfully treated Prof. Junius for Kidney stones in 1964 with Ayurvedic medicine. Prof. Junius was so impressed that he decided to commence his own studies in Ayurveda with various Ayurvedic experts.