Udo's Choice Oil Blend is an excellent vegetarian source of OMEGA 3’S AND OMEGA 6’ fatty acids that are essential for the proper functioning of our brains as adults, and for the development of our nervous system and visual abilities during the first six months of life.

Born to Latvian refugees during World War II, Udo’s Choice founder Udo Erasmus grew up in Northern Canada tending the organic garden on his family’s off-grid farm. He studied biochemistry and genetics at university and became a respected researcher. When a pesticide accident seriously damaged his health, he sifted through the scientific literature for solutions and eventually focussed on fats and oils – which led to a Ph.D. in nutrition and his bestselling first book.

Dr. Erasmus has since become a leading authority on the health benefits of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, developing optimal blends of flax, sunflower and sesame oil as well as manufacturing methods to maximise nutritional value.