Getting Your Body To An Alkaline State

When a fish is in a stream, and the natural pH of the stream is disturbed, what happens to the fish? It’s fair to say, it’s probably not going to be very healthy. The same can be said for the human body. The processed foods, pesticides, sugars, and other environmental stresses we’re exposed to every day tend to tip our internal scales into the acidic side of pH, and it can leave our bodies feeling lousy. Your pH affects everything from your body inflammation to your digestive system, and you could be feeling the effects of acidity right now without even realizing it.

How To Alkalize

Getting your body’s pH to a more alkalized state is simpler than you think. One method you can use is drinking alkalized water, which is water processed through an alkaline filter like from our ENVIRO PRODUCTS Alkaline Pitcher Filter, or if on the go our COMPLETE HEALTH Alkaline Water Stick. Unfiltered water will typically have a pH of around 7, which is considered neutral, but the filter changes the pH to that of around 8 or 9, making it more alkaline to add to the body.

Another method you can use is to incorporate more greens and sprouts into your diet. Naturally alkaline, these foods not only alkalize your body but add quite a bit of nutrients and vitamins to your body as well. These can be added to meals, eaten in salads, or even hidden with sweet fresh fruits, chia seeds and yogurt in a morning smoothie.

Getting your body to an alkaline state can help you to feel better from your head to your toes. At All Organic Store we carry The Alkaline Cure by Dr. Stephan Domenig, a book that explains how to make your life and your body more alkaline, and how you benefit from doing so.


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