LAVERA Refreshing Cleansing Gel 100ml

LAVERA Refreshing Cleansing Gel cleans thoroughly and effectively. The formulation with mallow, mint and ginko not only cleanses your skin gently, it also provides freshness and moisture.

Directions: Wet your facial skin, apply the cleansing gel to the palms of your hands and gently massage into your face, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Oily skin is caused by a hyperfunction of the oil and sweat glands. This gives the skin an oily, shiny appearance, and tends to lead to blemishes.

Often the wrong or insufficient care leads to further blocking of the pores, resulting in additional blemishes. An especially important element is daily cleansing of the skin, which liberates it of excess oil, without irritating it too much. The skin-refining fluid with organic mint and organic burdock extract gently provides the skin with moisture. The hypoallergenic formula with minerals and zinc promotes clear, smooth skin conditions and refines pores without irritating the skin. Skin irregularities are balanced, reducing pimples and blackheads.

Characteristics of oily, blemished skin at a glance:

  • Shiny
  • Enlarged pores
  • Irregular complexion
  • Severe cornification of the skin
  • Plugged pores lead to blemishes on the entire face

TIP : Clean your skin with Lavera 3in1 Wash – Scrub – Mask which effectively combats skin blemishes in 3 ways: Peppermint extract has a clarifying and anti-bacterial effect, siliceous earth has a mattifying effect, freeing excess grease from the skin surface, whereas salicylic acid quickly dries up pimples. The gel can be used for daily cleansing, also as a scrub for removing dead skin cells, as well as 2-3 times a week as an intensive clarifying mask.


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