OIL GARDEN Bamboo Ultrasonic Vaporiser

OIL GARDEN Bamboo Ultrasonic Vaporiser is safe, effective and pleasant way to use pure essential oils both therapeutically and for creating ambience. 

Create your own personal aromatic environment and balance emotional wellbeing.


  • Purifies and humidifies the air 
  • Safe and Cool to Touch
  • USB & Power Adaptor
  • Multi Colour LED Lighting
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Bamboo Finish
  • 40ml capacity
  • 3hr run time
  • Auto power off when empty

Directions: Choose 3 essential oils. Add a total of 5 drops to the water your Oil Garden diffuser. As the mist rises it carries the pure essential oil particles into the surrounding air.

Category: Fair Trade

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