ORGANIC TIMES Chocolate Chip Cookies 150g

ORGANIC TIMES Chocolate Chip Cookies are certified organic, home-style Chocolate Chip Cookies made with butter from 100% grass fed cows and baked with smooth, fair-trade couverture choc-chips. Simply irresistible.

Product Ingredients: (in order of amount of ingredients): *Flour (wheat), *Cane Sugar, *Salted Butter, *Milk Chocolate (20%) (*Rapadura Whole Cane Sugar, *Cristallino Cane Sugar, *Cocoa Butter, *Whole Milk Powder, *Cocoa Mass, *Soya Lecithin, *Vanilla Bean Powder), *Fresh Whole Eggs, Xanthan Gum, *Pure Vanilla Extract. *Ingredients certified organic. No use of GMOs.