NUTRITIONIST CHOICE Sea Vegetable Soup 4 x 20g

NUTRITIONIST CHOICE Sea Vegetable Soup is made with the very best, finest and nourishing ingredients. A healthy option for a quick and light meal.

  • Super healthy and tasty.
  • MSG free, all natural.

Directions: The soup is easily prepared at work. Simply tear open, add the soup mixture to 200 ml of boiling water, stir and serve. Alternatively use it as a soup base to make your favourite soups.

About Nutritionist Choice:

Nutritionist Choice was established by a nutritionist and health professionals who have had a passion for nutrition and healthy living. "We believe in the consumption of organic, natural and whole foods to dramatically increase the quality of one’s life. Our desire is for people to make the best choices when choosing food to maximize nutrition and well-being hence 'Nutritionist Choice’ brand was developed."

Product Ingredients: Red fermented rice, wakame, mushroom, vegetable powder, yeast extract, cold pressed sesame oil, salt, pepper, mushroom powder, GMO free tofu, dried vegetables.

Size: 4 x 20g