THE GINGER PEOPLE Uncrystallised Bare Ginger 200g

THE GINGER PEOPLE Uncrystallised Bare Ginger with luscious chunks of "un"crystallized ginger this is the perfect spicy-sweet snack. Made from Queensland Pink baby ginger grown in Fiji - oh so tender.

A tasty snack straight from the bag, or chop and toss them into morning granola, a hot cup of tea or incorporate them into your favorite cookie or muffin recipe.

Made in Fiji.

Product Ingredients: Ginger, cane sugar.

Nutritional Information Per 100g
Energy 1343kj
Protein <1
Total Fat <1
Saturated Fat <1
Carbohydrate 79g
Sugars 75g
Sodium 18mg

About The Ginger People:

All ginger. All natural. That's all we do. For 30 years, The Ginger People® have dedicated themselves to promoting the virtues of ginger. We take great pride in sourcing from the premier growing regions of the world and crafting the most innovative ginger products. Australian family owned and operated, The Ginger People is the world’s most award-winning ginger brand.

We love ginger and your visit here suggests you do, too! Whether you’re looking to add ginger to your daily diet for health reasons, or just craving tasty snacks, The Ginger People® have got a little ginger for everybody. After all, we know ginger best!

Product Ingredients: Organic ginger, organic cane sugar.