Surviving The 3pm Slump

Surviving The 3pm Slump

The 3pm slump – we’ve all felt it, but why does it happen? Even when you’ve had enough sleep, and you’ve felt great all day, your body will often begin feeling desperately tired and sluggish at around 3pm, and why this occurs actually has a pretty simple explanation.


The 3pm slump is really rooted deeply in cortisol, an important adrenal hormone that is often referred to as the “stress hormone” due to its job of regulating several body processes when the body experiences stress. You don’t only produce cortisol when stressed, however, and it’s something your body makes naturally all throughout the day.

Due to the body’s natural circadian rhythm, a healthy body will peak its natural cortisol production at around 7 or 8am, just as the sun is coming up, but it experiences a steep natural drop off in production at around mid to late afternoon – right around 3pm.

Blood Sugar & Glucose Levels

Cortisol is closely linked to blood sugar and glucose levels, and when the cortisol production drops, so do those two things as well, leaving you feeling extra sluggish and in need of a big cup of coffee.

What you really need when the 3pm slump hits, however, isn’t to reach for the coffee maker, but to reach for a healthy snack instead. Having a small healthy snack will help you to manage your glucose and blood sugar levels, and keep them healthy for longer, giving you lasting energy you can feel more quickly.

At All Organic Store, we have several desk-friendly snack options you can keep at hand to beat that 3pm slump, and give you the lasting energy your body really needs. These can be your most useful tool against when that 3pm feeling comes creeping in.

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